How Retirees Get Credits

For SME businesses, residents who want to own a house or even want to go on vacation may have to take a loan for their holiday. Banks have subject-specific services for individuals and businesses in this regard. There are certain rules for getting credit. Banks primarily make some examinations by taking the TR identity numbers of the persons applying for loans.

As a result of these examinations, the relationship of the person with other banks, their debts, payments and the salaries they receive are checked. If the conditions are suitable for the bank, the loan is approved and the loan amount is deposited into the account of the person.

The borrower must also pay the monthly loan

Installment amount regularly. The most important factor that determines the loan conditions is the monthly income of the person, that is, the higher and stable the monthly income, the amount of the loan can increase in direct proportion.
It is not necessary to be young or work within a company to attract credit.

Many retirees may want to get a loan today. These people are hesitant about whether they can get loans from banks because they are not currently working and because they have reached a certain age. Today, however, provide favorable conditions for the withdrawal of retired credits many banks in Turkey.
The conditions for banks to extend loans to retirees vary according to their procedures. In some banks, contingent loan plans are created for people who withdraw pensions every 3 months. In these cases, the payment of the loan installment takes place once every 3 months.

To get credit from banks

To get credit from banks

It is necessary to provide a loan guarantee. Rental income or monthly salaries of the person are shown as collateral. The pension loan shows pension as collateral and no additional collateral is required. In the case of non-reimbursement, only a certain part of pensions can be blocked. So getting a retirement loan does not have much risk for retirees.
It has retired more than 10 million people in Turkey.

Each of these people has communication with some banks. Banks choose to serve their credit needs in order not to lose their customers. For this purpose, special loan campaigns are created for retirees. As with any consumer loan, retirement payments cannot be made for pensioners with a maturity of more than 36 months. Interest rates vary from bank to bank.

There are certain rules for a retired to use a loan

There are certain rules for a retired to use a loan

The first is the age limit. There is a certain age limit for retirees to take out loans. Banks generally allow retirees aged 65-75 to use loans. In some banks, this age limit can be up to 80. The second condition is that the reimbursement amount does not exceed 60% of the pension. Otherwise, banks do not allow the use of credit.
Banks have some demands for retirees to use loans. As with every consumer loan, TR identity numbers are requested first and the credit rating is checked.

Thus, their relations with other banks, their debt, and payment status are examined. In addition, retirees are asked for an invoice sample and pension income document for the last 3 months. These documents are required by each bank. Some banks may request other information or documents according to their own procedures. Today, many banks offer retirees the opportunity to use loans ranging from 15,000 USD to 30,000 USD. Payment installments of these loans need to be created very consciously. The possibility of repayment every 3 months stands out as one of the options that make it easier for retirees to pay back.

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